December 2020 Business Meeting Minutes


  1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at approximately 6 PM by Brian Fleming.

  1. Roll Call:

Brian Fleming, Acting Chair

Vice-Chair not present

John Olivadoti, Treasurer not present

Rick Heffelfinger, Acting Secretary

Hannah Tomboulides, At-Large Director not present

Nathan Slusher, Active member

Larry Gough, Active member

Greg Peele, Active member

Mari Peele, Active member

Thai Heiler, Active member

  1. Quorum was met
  1. Officer Reports


The chair reported he was working to get a member list, get turnover for banking, SOE account access, email access, etc.


No report


No report


No report

At-Large Director

No report

  1. Unfinished Business:


  1. Committee Reports


  1. New Business:

Brian presented goals for the organization and discussion ensued:

  • Running candidates – Desire to pursue both elected and appointed positions

Growing the party by 500

  • Raise $2000 by the end of the year
  • Determining list of issues to focus on – Several issues where identified. Ranked voting, gun rights, sex workers, water quality, education initiatives, and transparency.
  • Establish guest speakers – Nathan identified Tamera Paul as a potential candidate for the January meeting. Her topic would be women obtaining CCW.
  1. Notice & Announcement
    1. Next Mtg Date:
    2. Next Mtg Location:
    3. Dial in:
    4. FaceBook chat?:
  1. LP/LPF News

Brian announced a Libertarian Facebook event on January 11th on rank choice voting.

  1. Summary/Action Item List

Rick will begin researching county appointed position.

Brian will put out a call on the facebook page for suggested issues to focus on.

Larry will dig up any old contact lists

Rick will create an initial contact list in Access

Greg will research other political activist groups

Rick will create a free Mail Chimp account

Brian will put out a call on the facebook page for suggestions for social volunteerism ideas. (IE Beach cleanup, trash pickup, Habitat for humanity, etc)

Nathan and Thai will research locations for the next and future monthly meetings.

Brian will set the date and time for monthly business meeting.

Bryan will establish a PO Box to be used as the organizations POC with the SOE.

Mari volunteered to help with the web page

  1. Adjourn