Election Depression

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I have never been so emotionally affected by an election.  I was getting to a state of comfort, as Hillary was ahead in the polls.  Safe from Trump, I could cast my vote for Johnson/Weld hoping they make it to 5% to create a legitimate, government-funded third party for next time around.

And now the latest on the goddam emails.  And her numbers are tanking.  And she might lose Florida.  And Florida is key to a Trump victory.

OK, you say, vote for Hillary, and that’s what I’ve said I’d do in this case in the past.

How bad does that feel.  If I vote for Johnson and Trump wins, I’ll be one of those who wasted my vote and helped Trump win.

BUT, and here’s what I realized, BUT, if I vote for Hillary, and Trump wins, I’ll have wasted my vote which could have created a third party.  I’ll have voted to support the DNC to put up another candidate like Hillary next time around.  And for that to be my ‘only’ choice.

I feel much worse about the second scenario.

Why?  Well of course I’d much rather see Hillary in office than Trump, Trump is nuts.  And she would be more of the same that we’ve had.  And what is that same, to me?

That’s a government highly influenced by Wall Street.  Wall Street which caused me to personally lose $200,00o of money I earned over my life time and squirreled away for retirement.  Not money I made in the stock money, money I actually earned working.

Wall Street, which depressed housing prices so that my house in Asheville is very close to underwater.  Still isn’t worth close to what I paid for it at the peak.  I’d like to sell it and use the funds to buy something elsewhere, but it’s lack of value is standing in the way of my dreams.

So yes, I personally have been directly hurt by government the way it’s always been.

And did the government help the retirees, the people with the mortgages?  No it bailed out Wall Street.

Hillary seems very competent, and that competence will be used to continue to govern for the people pulling our financial strings.

I just can’t vote for her.  She’ll have to win this without me.

Johnson/Weld 2016, and with a better shot in 2020.