2021 Golden Liberty Gala

Special Guest

Shelley the Porcupine

Shelley the Porcupine

Guest Speaker

Anthony Welti

Anthony Welti, Libertarian Political Activist and Candidate Coach

Libertarian Political Activist and Candidate Coach

Anthony is an accomplished libertarian activist that broke records for vote totals and raised the bar fundraising as a libertarian candidate. He served as Spike Cohen’s Tour Manager in the 2020 election, was chairman of a county libertarian party in 2017 and a state party board member holding multiple roles in the Libertarian Party of WA.  Anthony, his wife and son are currently traveling the nation spreading the message of self ownership, creating liberty for themselves and others while helping coach libertarian candidates how to run successful campaigns.

Guest Speaker

Dennis Misigoy

Dennis Misigoy for US Senate

Dennis Misigoy, Libertarian Candidate for US Senate

The youngest son of two immigrant parents, Dennis Misigoy was born and raised in Miami-Dade County, Florida, graduating from Miami Springs Senior High before earning his degree in Computer Science at Florida International University. After completing his studies, Dennis worked in the classroom as an educator, including four years as a public high school teacher. Later he began working as a software engineer, developing for industries as diverse as healthcare and specialized asset management. In his personal life, Dennis has been married for over fifteen years and is a father of three. He is also an active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, having served in various leadership roles at the congregation (ward) and local (stake) levels.


Brevard Zoo’s Nyami Nyami River Lodge

Thank you for your interest in the Libertarian Party of Brevard County’s

2021 Golden Liberty Gala

Ever wish you could meet local candidates and ask them where they stand on the issues important to you? This is your opportunity!

Not a libertarian? No problem! We welcome you to attend, learn about our candidates, ask questions, and get to know us.

This year’s fundraiser will be held at Brevard Zoo’s Nyami Nyami River Lodge and will feature 2022 Candidate Announcements, food, drinks, music, a silent auction, and more!

How do I get a ticket?

For this years fundraiser, we are offering 1 free ticket to the 2021 Golden Liberty Gala for every $50 donated to the Libertarian Party of Brevard County 2021 Golden Liberty Gala Fundraiser.

Each ticket is for entrance to the 2021 Golden Liberty Gala at Brevard Zoo’s Nyami Nyami River Lodge.  Tickets do not include access to the Brevard Zoo and tickets to the zoo are not required for access to the event.

Please consider making a donation and helping us make this our most successful fundraiser yet.

We encourage you to donate using our secure online payment processor through PayPal. You can contribute using PayPal funds, your linked checking account, or your linked credit card to make a single or monthly recurring contribution through PayPal. You can also make single non-recurring contributions by credit card without a PayPal account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to dress up?

Here is your excuse to dust off that suit or dress. This event is formal attire with a theme of black and gold.

Will there really be a porcupine there?

Yes, that is the plan. Per Brevard Zoo policy, Shelly’s attendance depends on her health and wellbeing on the day of the event. We do not anticipate this being an issue but if she cannot attend we will invite one of her neighbors from the zoo to attend in her place.

Is smoking allowed?

The Brevard Zoo is a smoke-free facility. This includes the veranda of Brevard Zoo’s Nyami Nyami River Lodge which overlooks to the giraffe exhibit. The giraffes are watching and will judge you. 

Brevard Zoo only permits smoking and vaping in their parking lot. The health and safety of the animals is top priority and the LPBC is financially liable for violations.

Will there be alcohol?

Yes, there will be a cash bar. Our contract for Brevard Zoo’s Nyami Nyami River Lodge requires all alcohol to be purchased at the cash bar. Outside food and drinks are not permitted.

Are masks allowed?

Yes, masks are allowed. We believe in everyone’s freedom of choice. If you wish to wear a mask we suggest black, gold, or animal print to match the theme.

Do I have to pay for parking?

Parking is free.

Where can I read the venue’s policies?

For further information on Brevard Zoo’s Nyami Nyami River Lodge’s policies please visit: FAQs | Brevard Zoo

Click here for tickets.

If you prefer to make contributions by paper check, please make the check payable to “Libertarian Party of Brevard County” and mail it with a letter including all of the information on this form to:

Libertarian Party of Brevard County
PO Box 237454
Cocoa, FL 32923-7454

Contributions are not membership dues and no contribution is necessary to become a member of the Libertarian Party of Brevard County to fully and meaningfully participate in party business. Contributions are not directed toward any specific candidate for public office and may be used by the party for any lawful state or local election expenditure.