April 2021 Business Meeting Minutes – Approved

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  1. Call to Order
    The regular meeting of the Libertarian Party of Brevard County, Fl. was called to order at
    6:41 PM on April 21st, 2021 at Carrabba’s Italian Grill by Chair – Brian Fleming
  2. Present:
    Executive Committee: Brian Fleming –Chair, Mari Peele -Vice-Chair, Greg Peele –
    Treasurer, Rick Heffelfinger –Secretary, Nathan Slusher -Director-At-Large
    Voting Members: Thai Heiler
    Members: George Lebovitz
    Visitor: Kevin Ratzel, Richard Perez, Robert Klimkowski
  3. Determination of Quorum (75% of Executive Committee or 25% of all voting members)
    Quorum was met
  4. Approval and Adoption of Agenda
    A motion to adopt the agenda was made. The motion was seconded and passed
  5. Guest Speaker
    None. Researching for guest speaker at next meeting. Nathan mention security guard at
    parrish that is starting her own security business. Brian recommends GOA official from
  6. Approval of the Minutes
    A motion to approve the minutes from the March 17, 2021 business meetings was made.
    The motion was seconded and passed without objection.
  1. Officer Reports
    Received $150 donations
    Expended $2.06 banking fees
    Thank you to two reoccurring contributors to Paypal
    Balance $1,499.65
    $929.35 is in PNC

$520.30 Paypal
$50 Stripe account (new)
Liability $72 to secretary for PO Box
Anuual audit turned in on time to SOE
2021 1st quarter campaign audit turned in on time. 2nd quarterly report will be due on July
PNC banking is all good except for missing checks. Monthly service fee is no longer being
assessed on it.
Paypal treasurer ID corrected and ID validation still being worked
Full audit of all bank accounts performed and SOE corrections performed back to 2019.
All amendments were accepted by SOE without any inquiry
Stripe was actually set-up by John O. It has been linked to the bank account and Greg did a
$50 test. After Stripe clears, the website will be updated to use it as well as Paypal.
Attended controversial city of Cocoa meeting on the 13th, attended region 9 meeting and
BCC meeting on the 20th.
Objectives for next month: get the checks, put the stripe processor on the webpage,
continue working/researching our own web hosting vice LPF host, and attend meetings as
schedule permits.
All bank statements available for inspection.

Vice Chair:
Emails from website subscribers, voter registration, and previous member delivered to
Attended the region 9 meeting. Spoke at BCC meeting. Even though the measure passed
she believes it was a positive event for Libertarians to be seen and heard.
Learned of a service that cleans up email. Will be making a floor motion to considering
authorization to move forward
Working graphics for beach cleanup and fundraiser already have plug-ins for website to
active Stripe and will work that after verification of Greg’s contribution.

Received emails from Mari. Need to work with Mailchimp to solve delivery issues to
google email.
Continue to advertise with meetup, Facebook and webpage.
Embroidery status
Change of policy concerning paper. Secretary will bring copy(s) for routing at meeting but
board and members should review on-line and print as they see fit.
March 23rd was first attended meeting Titusville posted minutes received 22K hits on
Facebook within 48 hours. Posting to additional meetings has resulted in 48K people
reached and 13K engagements since last meeting. Page likes has gone from 630 to 817.
Additional LP affiliates have also been sharing our stuff
Nathan believes that pursuing local government transparency is the road to winning and
has shared this with LPF. We need to pursue finding more volunteers to attend meetings
and provide articles/post.

The team is all doing a great job. We all work as a team. Attending meetings is great.
Nathan is pursuing a motion with Titusville to change alcohol service laws. Must always
provide solutions.
Region 9 meeting. Working with Marcus Morrea (region 9 rep). he will be running for rep
again at the convention. Have been discussing with him maximizing sharing of info and
good communications.
On the LPF convention committee this year. 20 rooms already sold out. 20 more
adder.$4000 dollars raised. Pushing to keep the affiliate working group at the convention
to encourage and foster communication between the affiliates. Brian summarized the BCC
meeting and our participation.

Our four items are lagoon, transparency,guns, taxes. These are the issues that we will use
to focus candidates. Focus on local issues.We are going to reach out via Facebook to find
how the community feels about our local issue focus topics.
Brian believes facebook is dying, he would like to use email, Text message and the
webpage. This is a one to two year target for migration.
Brian got his shirt embroiderd as well. Within the next 6 months wants to work on new

  1. Unfinished Business:
  2. New Business:

Motion 2021_04 to Amend the LPBC Constitution
Mover: Nathan Slusher
Motion: I move to remove Article 4, Section 4 from the LPBC Constitution. Article 4,
Section 4 states: “Adoption of a new constitution and bylaws or amendments to this
constitution or bylaws, shall be presented for hearings and discussion at two consecutive
business meetings and shall only be put to a vote and adopted at the second hearing. “
Greg and Mari Peele spoke in opposition. Motion made by Nathan slushier to table until
next meeting. Between now and then the motion will be amended to exclude a possible
motion that would completely dissolve the entire constitution during one meeting. Motion
to table approved.
Greg thank the group for the opportunity to prove we know Roberts rule better than the
Floor motions:
Mari proposed a motion to run our email list through a checker at 1 cent per address.
Motion: Mari moves to authorize expenditure of up to $10, one time, for verification of
email addresses for outreach.
Chair suggest making it $20, Mari agrees and amends motion to :

Motion: Mari moves to authorize expenditure of up to $20, one time, for verification of
email addresses for outreach. Motion passes.
Nathan proposed a motion to authorize $100 to do Facebook advertising for party growth.
Much discussion ensued.
Chair make motion to amend the motion for $50 over 3 months. Ending august 2021.
Motion passes.

  1. Notice & Announcement
    Business meeting May 19 same location –Carrabbas
    Next social May 8th Cocunuts beach cleanup
  2. LPF news – None
  3. Action items
    Brian will send a web site for tracking in an email. Action items coming in EC page to
    remove meetup
  1. Adjournment
    Meeting was adjourned at 8:09 PM by Chair – Brian Fleming.
    Minutes submitted by: Rick Heffelfinger

These minutes were approved by the LPBC Executive Committee during the Business Meeting held on 5/19/2021. ___________________ Richard K Heffelfinger Secretary, LPBC