January 2022 Business Meeting Minutes – Draft

Meeting Minutes
Libertarian Party of Brevard
Meeting held on 1/8/2022
Cape Royal Professional Business Center
1980 N Atlantic Ave Second Floor, Cocoa Beach

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  1. Call to Order
    The annual business meeting of the Libertarian Party of Brevard County, Fl. was called to order at approximately 1:00 PM by Chair – Brian Fleming
  2. Present:
    Executive Committee: Brian Fleming –Chair, Mari Peele -Vice-Chair, Greg Peele – Treasurer, Rick Heffelfinger –Secretary, Nathan Slusher -Director-At-Large
    Voting Members: Robert Klimkowski, Thai Heller, and Jennifer Keyser
    Determination of Quorum (75% of Executive Committee or 25% of all voting members)
    o Quorum was met
  3. Approval and Adoption of Agenda
    o Motion to approve the agenda passed with two objections (Heffelfinger and Keyser)..
  4. Approval of the Minutes
    o Motion to approve the minutes from the December 13, 2021 Business Meeting passed with two objections (Heffelfinger and Keyser).
  5. Old Business:
    State convention planning
    o 25 thru 27 February 2022.
    o Will be looking for volunteers.
    o LPF convention committee is looking at 7 possible guest speakers.
    o Brian has placed his name in for Convention chair and region rep for next year
    KBB check has been sent. Follow-up required to determine why it has not been cashed.
  6. First Call for Open Nominations for Executive Committee Positions
    Chair – Nathan Slusher self nominated for Chair.
    Vice Chair – Rick Hefffelfinger nominated Mari Peele.
    Treasurer – Rick Hefffelfinger nominated Greg Peele.
    Secretary – Nathan Slusher nominated Rob Klimkowski. Rob Klimkowski did not accept the nomination. Thai Heller self nominated.
    Director At Large – Nathan Slusher nominated Thai Heller. Thai Heller did not accept the nomination. Rick Hefffelfinger nominated Rob Klimkowski.
  7. Officer Reports
    Director At Large Report – Nathan Slusher
    o Facebook report for the year: Started with 255 at beginning of the year. Currently have 1259 followers on Facebook. Meeting attendance and posting minutes has built the following.
    o Growth has also occurred due to Gala and July 4th Parade.
    Secretary Report – Rick Heffelfinger
    o 9 eligible voters (5 EC, Rob, Thai, George, and Jennifer). 8 present at meeting (George absent).
    o Campaign Support Committee will need a motion from new EC if desires to continue it. YTD, no volunteers have come forward.
    o Mailchimp currently has 690 in audience. Annual/Convention meeting campaign was sent out with approximately a 25% opening rate.
    Treasurer Report – Greg Peele
    o Draft of the Audit and Financial statement has been completed. Due on March 31st. This will need to be submitted to the state affiliate as part of reaffiliate process.
    o For the year, LPBC started with approximately $1200 and ended with $6672.08 in contributions. The Treasurer believes this is a record for any LPF affiliate.
    o Spent $4106.16 for the year.
    o Net operating income $2568.92
    o Full report is avaible on the Gdrive.
    o Actions still needing completion: Facebook advertising and credit card reader.
    Vice Chair – Mari Peele
    o Year began with redo of the web site: donation page, events calendar, Agenda and minutes posts, reading list, membership form, and Gala forms.
    o Voter disk analysis ongoing: LP up 85 voters for the year. Republicans have lost 2179 and Democrats 5426 voters for the year. Independents have gained 1,477 and NPAs 3178.
    Chair – Brian Flemming
    o Accomplishments for the year: Gala, Constitution and Bylaws revised, banking sorted, all info moved under one Gmail account, adopted a park, started process to look at using USPO mail contact system.
  8. Rules Report
  • Constitution and Bylaws were updated on March 17, 2021via motion 2021-01. They are available via the website under the “about” tab. Editable copies are also maintained in the affiliate Gdrive for future review/revision.
  • Standing Rules were created on June 14, 2021via motion 2021-05. They are available in the affiliate Gdrive for future review/revision.
  1. Final Call for Nominations
  • None
  1. Election of Officers
    Motions to approve each of the nominees were made and seconded. All motions passed.
    The 2022 Libertarian Party of Brevard County Executive Committee is:
    Nathan Slusher, Chair
    Mari Peele, Vice Chair
    Greg Peele, Treasurer
    Thai Heller, Secretary
    Rob Klimkowski, Director At Large
  2. Executive Committee Meeting to Certify Officer Slate
    o N/A
  3. New Business – Floor Motions – Constitution
    o None
  4. New Business – Floor Motions – Bylaws
    o None
  5. New Business – Floor Motions – Standing Rules
    o None
  6. Final Announcements
    o Need to think about volunteers and a table for LPF convention
  7. Concluding Remarks
    o None
  8. Notice & Announcement
    o Next Social – Park Cleanup
  • Saturday February 26th at TBD
  • Rotary Park at Suntree
    6495 US-1
    Rockledge, FL 32955
    o The next monthly meeting will be:
  • Monday February 21st at 6:30 pm
  • Cape Royal Professional Business Center
    1980 N Atlantic Ave 2nd floor
    Cocoa Beach, Fl 32931
  1. Adjournment
    o Meeting adjourned at 1:36 PM by Chair – Brian Fleming
    Minutes prepared by: Rick Heffelfinger