February 2022 Business Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes

Libertarian Party of Brevard

Meeting held on 2/21/2022

Cape Royal Professional Business Center

1980 N Atlantic Ave Second Floor, Cocoa Beach

  1. Sign In
  2. Meet-and-Greet
  3. Call to Order
    • The annual business meeting of the Libertarian Party of Brevard County, Fl. was called to order at approximately 1845 PM by Chair – Nathan Slusher
  4. Officer Roll Call
    • Executive Committee: Nathan Slusher –Chair, Mari Peele -Vice-Chair, Greg Peele – Treasurer, Thai Heiler –Secretary, Rob Klimkowski -Director-At-Large
    • Voting Members: Brian Fleming, Rick Heffelfinger.
    • Non-Voting Attendees: Kevin Ratzel, Amy Louis, Maureen Rupe, Thomas Perez, Michael Myjak, Nayna Atiya, Toni Shifalo.
  5. Determination of Quorum (75% of Executive Committee or 25% of all voting members)
    • Quorum was met
  6. Approval of Agenda
    • Motion to approve the agenda M- Peele S-Fleming passed unanimous.
  7. Approval of the Minutes from January 2022 Business Meeting
    • Motion to approve the minutes from the January 8, 2022 Business Meeting Minutes M-Fleming S-Peele Passed unanimous.
  8. Motion 2022-01 “Right to Clean Water Charter Amendment (RTCWA)” and accompanying resolution.
    • Presentation given discussing RTCWA, amendment would allow Titusville residents to bring a legal action against Governmental and corporate entities that pollute the waters of Titusville to include the Indian River Lagoon.
    • Move to Support Amendment– M-Greg Peele S-Rick Heffelfinger
    • Roll Call Vote S-Yes T-Yes VC-Yes C-Yes Dir@Lg-N/A
    • All other eligible voting members-passed unanimous
  9. Officer Reports and 2022 Goals
    • Chair-Nathan Slusher
      • Attended Brevard County and Titusville meetings. Presented at Brevard County on SpaceX permit to dump non-treated waste water into IRL. Signed request to BOCC to request a public hearing from the DEP. Will follow up 22 Feb. to get request for public hearing.
      • Goals;
        • Focus on expansion;
        • $25k fundraising for FY22,
        • Hosting 12 community events FY22,
        • Running 5 candidates for office and winning.
        • 10 people on citizen advisory boards.
        • City Meeting summaries for 5 municipalities.
        • Increase monthly meeting attendance to 15 members by Jan 2022.
        • Increase voter registration by 10%,
        • Quarterly Park clean-up.
        • Endorse 6-12 petition/proposals throughout the year.
        • Invite local 501C3 to discuss community volunteerism effects.
        • Establish more livestream involvement in meetings.
    • Vice Chair-Mari Peele
      • Goals;
        • Pushing Website addition-weblinks to calenders/minutes/agendas for local area meetings.
        • Contact NPA’s (more than once preferably)
        • Find cost effective email service.
        • Peer 2 Peer texting service a. propose texting outreach budget b. develop milestone plan c. reach 1k voters by text in 2022.
        • Engaging with people using Discord server “Libertarian Party Brevard County Discord” one benefit is to allow non-voting people to request sponsors for motions that LPBC could support. Membership goal of 25 people.
        • Updating Affiliate website to be self-supporting.
    • Secretary–Thai Heiler
      • Report-Turnover announcement.
        • Goals
          • Echo current goals from Chair and Vice Chair.
          • Personal goal of more outreach through volunteer events.
          • Personal goal of more outreach through volunteer events.
          • Schedule more events in different parts of the county.
          • More tabling events.
      • Treasurer – Greg Peele
        • Monthly financials; $414.48 raised since last meeting. $408.93 expended thus far. Current assets $3632.29 Checking Acct. $249.04 in PayPal. No new expenses authorized currently. EIN filed with IRS. Volunteered to check mailbox. Attended SOE voter equipment test demonstration. Prepared current budget motion and reaffiliation document. Researched physical credit card readers to be able to take contributions. Announced he is seeking a position on the State Party Rules Committee. Continue to maintain Twitter account with 98 followers (+15 member increase).
        • Goals;
          • Similar to all other officer goals.
          • $20k fundraising goal
          • Increase monthly donors from 5 to 15 by EOY.
          • Achieve ability for paid advertisements on Facebook.
          • Obtain card reader for donations
          • Achieve a way to accept Cryptocurrency as donations
          • Outreach individually, 500 people via mail/text/phone/email campaign
          • Send professional quality mailers within 1 month of new LPF voter registration.
          • Promote quarterly Park clean-up.
          • Work on bylaws amendments, clarifying LPBC affiliate role in candidate support.
          • Review and take positions on every local charter amendment filed and take positions on state amendments.
  10. Mr. Dean Roberts presentation. Savings Safari allows targeted advertising through digital and print media.
    • Recess for 5 minutes, resume meeting at 2050 pm.
  11. New Business
    • Motion 2022-02 Annual Audit and Reaffiliation
      • Mover- Greg Peele
      • Second-Brian Fleming
      • Vote-Unanimous
    • 2022-03 Annual Budget
      • Mover-Greg Peele
      • Second-Mari Peele
      • Vote-Unanimous
    • 2022-04 Golden Liberty Gala
      • Mover-Nathan Slusher
      • Second-Greg Peele
      • Motion Fails Vote Aye-2, Vote Nay-3
      • Motion To amend Motion 2202-04 to read as follows;
      • I hereby move to establish the 2022 Golden Liberty Gala and Election Night Watch Party on November, 8th 2022, Election Day in Brevard County. To approve an expense up to $600.00 as a non-refundable deposit in order to acquire the Nyami Nyami River Lodge at Brevard Zoo for that night. To Establish a Special Committee named Gala committee to plan and organize this event. This special committee shall provide reports at each monthly formal meeting henceforth and be set to dissolve immediately following their after action report presented at the next formal meeting following the 2022 Golden Liberty Gala, and to name Mari Peele as chair of that special committee and give them the power to recruit and add volunteers to that committee as they see fit.
        • Remove; as a non-refundable deposit in order to acquire the Nyami Nyami River Lodge at Brevard Zoo for that night.
        • Replace with; “for a deposit in order to acquire a venue for that night.”
      • Mover-Rick Heffelfinger
      • Second for discussion-Greg Peele
      • Motion to amend is approved with 3 Ayes, 2 Nays.
  12. Next Social – TBD
  13. The next monthly meeting will be:
    • Monday March 21ˢᵗ at 6:30 pm
    • Cape Royal Professional Business Center 1980 N Atlantic Ave 2 ⁿᵈ floor Cocoa Beach, Fl 32931
  14. Adjournment
  15. Meeting adjourned at 2146 PM by Chair – Nathan Slusher Minutes prepared by: Thai Heiler