October 2021 Monthly Business Meeting Agenda

This draft agenda is subject to approval by the voting membership.

UPDATED 10/17/2021

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Call to Order

Roll Call
● Chair
● Vice-Chair
● Treasurer
● Secretary
● Director-At-Large

Determination of Quorum (75% of Executive Committee or 25% of all voting members)

Approval of Agenda

Approval of last meeting minutes
● Approve Minutes from 9/20/2021 Business Meeting and 9/27/21 Special Meeting

Officer Reports (2 minutes each)
● Director-At-Large
● Secretary
● Treasurer
● Vice-Chair
● Chair

Unfinished Business:
● February 2022 State Convention
● January 2022 Brevard Convention/Election
● November 2021 Golden Liberty Gala

New Business:
● Motion 2021-12: Create a LPBC Campaign Support Committee (Special)

Mover: Rick Heffelfinger

Motion: I move we create a special Campaign Support Committee (IAW the LPBC Constitution, ARTICLE V: PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE, SECTION VI) and request via Facebook, Twitter, Email, and our web page for volunteers for a committee Chairperson and members. The Secretary will be the acting committee  Chairperson until a volunteer for the position is found. After a Chairperson comes forward, the Secretary will continue to be a member of the committee and act as a liaison to the EC. 

● Motion 2021-12 Backgound

The Secretary will seek volunteers with existing campaign skills such as campaign Finance, Management, Marketing, PR, Data and IT, Volunteer Coordination, Graphics, Fundraising, etc. as well as anyone with an interest in learning about campaigning or just wants to work on one. 

The committee’s purpose will be to help all Brevard LP candidates with campaign  PLANNING, SETTING GOALS, PRE- ANNOUNCEMENT, LAUNCH EVENT, GROUND GAME, MEDIA, and FUNDRAISING (as identified in the LP Candidate- Workbook-010919 by Cara Schulz).

The Campaign Support Committee Chair will report to the EC at monthly meetings.

● Motion 2021_13: Authorize a budget of up to $16 per month for email validation

Mover: Mari Peele

Motion: I move to authorize a budget of up to $16 per month for email validation. This motion is valid for October, November, and December of 2021 for a maximum liability of $48.

● Motion 2021_13 Background

Our current email verification service, ZeroBounce, has a minimum purchase increment of $16 for 2000 credits at $0.008 per credit. As of 10/16/2021 we have 15 credits left on our account and credits do not expire.

All LPF emails have been validated, including new emails from the September voter disk.

The remaining emails totals are detailed below.

October’s budget would cover the remainder of the original test categories with some credits left over. IF all credits were used toward NPA emails, they would be 59% validated by the end of the year.

This motion does not require us to spend all or any of the money or to spend it on NPA emails specifically. It only gives us the option to do so. LPF emails have been and will be a priority over NPA emails.

Emails remaining to be validated from D4 and Titusville (NPA)
NPA emails left to verify from the rest of Brevard
D1 (minus Titusville)814
Grand Total of unverified NPA emails10,183
Projected cost for validating all NPA emails$81.47

Notice & Announcement
● Next Mtg Date & Location:
● Next Social Date & Locations:


Summary/Action Item List